We are structured water-based beings

Unstructured body water causes aging.

Today, the science of water understands the functioning of the +/- 70% of our body which is water. It tells us that to stay healthy, young and full of energy, we can improve and maintain the quality of our body's water. It has nothing to do with drugs or food supplements. It's all about water and nothing but water.

Every cell in our body is filled and surrounded by water. All of this water is our body water. Our body water is very different from tap water or mineral water. Our body water is structured, while drinking water is chaotic. This difference is crucial for health and well-being.

Our body water is alive and full of energy and information, it is the means of communication between all our cells. We are made up of 70,000 billion cells which work together in perfect interactivity thanks to the electromagnetic information which circulates at the speed of light in our body water. Each cell is informed of the functioning of all the other cells and knows exactly what to do.

Our state of health depends on the structure of our water. The fluid in our cells is called the cytoplasm, and is made up of about 75% highly structured water. Structure is the way that water molecules take shape and organize themselves. If you compare coal to diamonds, they are both made of carbon, but their structure is different. The structure of water is therefore much more important than its chemical composition. The more highly structured the water, the more energy it contains, the more information it has and the more it retains its ability to support our health.  

Healthy DNA is surrounded by water in a form of highly structured and geometrically complex molecular arrangement, while unhealthy DNA is enclosed in water that has less geometric complexity. The larger the structure, the greater the health!

If an organ is sick, it is not only the proteins inside that organ that are not working well, but also the water that has lost its structure.

Water molecules are incredibly small, but today's technologies allow you to physically visualize the structure of water molecules inside cells. The water of sick cells is different from that of healthy cells. This water is not ordered as it should be. What you want to do to get healthy is to restructure this water.

In today's heavily polluted societies, where very few of our water sources are structured, the problem is not only the quantity of water, but above all its quality. We can keep our health and stay young longer by better hydration and by maintaining the water structure of the body. Double Helix Water, by its highly structured double helix shape, will restore our body water to its original structuring properties.