Water from the acupuncture meridians

Chi in a bottle

In 2009, physicist Shui Yin Lo discovered that the meridians in our bodies are channels made up of water particles. These are crystalline microparticles, invisible to the naked eye, which have the shape of a double helix.

Double Helix Water is this water reconstituted in the laboratory. When we drink Double Helix Water, it diffuses into our body and restores and nourishes our meridians. Our vital energy increases and circulates better, our self-healing system activates, fatigue disappears, we sleep better, our vitality increases, our thoughts are clearer and we feel healthy and happier.

Les méridiens de notre corps sont des canaux de Double Helix Water.

When we are near a waterfall and it expires its vital energy, we feel that it vitalizes us, makes us breathe and brings peace. For 5000 years already, the Chinese have known that we have an energetic-dynamic mechanism, which transports vital energy (Chi) through our body. This energy distribution network is made up of interconnected channels called meridians. Our 12 main meridians are interconnected by the secondary meridians. These channels are flush with the acupuncture points. All living things have meridians. The meridians appear from the embryo, in the early hours of cell division.

Our body water